The P.E. Pennington & Company, Inc has partnered with other property tax consulting firms throughout the nation. We can therefore provide excellent quality property tax representation throughout the United States. This alliance enables us to provide the best property tax consultants with extensive local knowledge to our clients. Additionally, Clients will still deal directly with us and avoid numerous contacts.

National Representation

P.E. PENNINGTON & Co., Inc. will provide the following services to our clients:

  • Valuation assessment review
  • Identification of the owner’s opinion of value(s) and/or target value(s) for the tax year in question.
  • Collection and evaluation of owner information to be used in preparing appeals.
  • Identification and inspection of assets.
  • Development and refinement of arguments for valuation appeals.
  • Filing all required personal property renditions and other required filings.
  • Valuation negotiations in an attempt to settle valuation disputes.
  • Continual status and final reports on appeal and final determinations.
  • P.E. Pennington & Co., Inc. will provide our clients with a cost benefit analysis regarding the pursuit of filing suit after all administrative remedies have been exhausted.
  • If it is determined by the owner to move forward with litigation, our firm will make recommendations regarding law firms to handle the litigation. Over the past 33 years we have established excellent working relationships with law firms who specialize in property tax disputes.
  • We will also make recommendations for third party experts whose expertise might be required to insure a successful appeal.
  • Our firm will be a resource for both the owner and attorneys during this process.
  • We report any developments to the client during this process.

Reliable tax estimates are essential and affect your bottom line. Therefore,

P.E.Pennington & Co., Inc. provides our clients with property tax estimates that address the following:

  • The result a purchase price will have on the tax liability of the property.
  • Underwriting tax projections for acquisitions.
  • Tax projections on new developments from conception through completion.
  • Future tax liabilities.
  • Remedies and suggestions to achieve the lowest possible tax valuation.

Exemptions can be very complex issues for taxpayers. P.E. Pennington & Company, Inc are experts in the review of qualifications, preparing filing and appealing of exemptions issues.

Let us review these options with you.

  • Pre-Acquisition and Underwriting Tax Projections
  • Development Tax Projections
  • Annual Tax Budget Estimates
  • Strategic Tax Appeal Analysis
  • Informal and Formal Property Tax Appeal Reports
  • Litigation Cost Benefit Analysis

At P.E. Pennington & Co., Inc. we offer four different billing plans. We will work with you to apply a plan that fits with your specific needs.

  1. Straight fee – (dependant upon size and number of properties).
  2. Blended fee – (combination of straight and contingency fees, dependant upon size and number of properties).
  3. Contingency fee – (dependant upon size and number of properties).
  4. Hourly rates


Years of Property Tax Service
Property Value Representation
Client Tax Savings

Important Tax Dates

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Steps Of a Property Tax Appeal

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Steps of a Property Tax Appeal


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About Us

P. E. Pennington & Co., Inc. are proven experts in providing property tax appeals ranging from office, industrial, retail, hospitality, assisted living, and multi-family properties to business personal property.

Since 1988, our commercial property tax consultants have been known for successful performance in the Property Tax Consulting industry.

We are a regional firm, headquartered in Dallas, serving Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico that has developed a reputation for our quality service, innovation and expertise in business property tax appeals, property tax research and property tax litigation support.

Commercial Property Tax Consultants

Property Tax Advisors

P.E. Pennington & Company, Inc., has the accountability, expertise, and established procedures to provide commercial property taxpayers with the highest level of representation.

Business Property Tax Consultants

We will take appropriate actions in conjunction with all relevant dates on the property tax calendar. This includes timely filing: business personal property renditions, exemption applications, real estate and business personal property appeals.

Property Tax Appeals

We make proactive recommendations regarding the strategy for for business property tax appeals. Our goal is to ensure that our client’s properties are assessed at the lowest amount possible.