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This publication includes important recent legislation and updates to the Texas

Property Tax Code.


Reappraisal of Property Damaged in Disaster Area

Governor declares a disaster area.
Taxing units request reappraisal.
Appraisal districts reappraises effected properties.
Taxes are prorated from the point disaster occurs.


Citizens for Appraisal Reform (CFAR) Update

With your support, we created CFAR in the Fall of 2016. Our goal was to enhance the

administrative appeal process for taxpayers. Working with Senator Jane Nelson and her staff, we achieved this goal through the creation of SB 669,

which included many significant changes that increased fairness in both appraisal review board hearings and binding arbitrations. SB 669 was

introduced …

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P. E. Pennington & Co., Inc. are proven experts in providing property tax appeals ranging from office, industrial, retail, hospitality, assisted

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Since 1988, our commercial property tax consultants have been known for successful performance in the Property Tax Consulting industry. We are a

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We will take appropriate actions in conjunction with all relevant dates on the property tax calendar. This includes timely filing: business personal

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We make proactive recommendations regarding the strategy for for business property tax appeals. Our goal is to ensure that our client’s properties are

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