Property Tax Calendar

P.E. Pennington & Co., Inc. provides regional property tax consulting services in Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana. The following calendars identify key dates regarding property tax in each of these states.

Filing A Property Tax Protest in Texas

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Texas Tax Calendar

January 1 – Assessment Date – Rendition Period Begins
January 31 – Prior Year Taxes Due
February 1 – Tax Delinquent Date
April 15 – Renditions Due
May 15 – Last day (or as soon as possible after this date) for Chief Appraiser to mail notices of appraised value and notices of denial of exemptions or special appraisal.Prepare appraisal records and submit them to the ARB.
May 31 Last day for property owners to file a protest with the ARB (or by the 30th day after the notice of appraised value is delivered, whichever is later)
June – General Protest Period
July – Delinquent taxes incur total 12 percent penalty
July 3 – Delinquent taxes may start accumulating additional penalty to pay collection costs
July 20 – ARB must approve appraisal records by this date, but may not do so if more than 5 percent of the total appraised value remains under protest
July 25 – Last day for Chief Appraiser to certify an appraisal roll to each taxing units’ Assessor
August 1 – The taxing units’ Assessor submits the appraisal roll to its governing body by this date (or soon after)
September 1 – December 31 – Tax bills issued; Litigation period generally begins

New Mexico Tax Calendar

Jan 1 – RE Assessment Date
Jan 1 – PP Assessment Date
Jan – June Or 30 days after notices are mailed – RE Appeal Deadline
Jan – May – RE Value Notices Issued
Feb 28 Inventory exempt – PP Tax Returns Due
Mar – June Or 30 days after notices are issued – PP Appeal Deadline
Mar – June – PP Value Notices Issued
May 10 2nd half installment- RE Tax Bills Due
May 10 2nd half installment – PP Tax Bills Due
Nov – RE Tax Bills Issued
Nov – PP Tax Bills Issued
Dec 10 1st half installment or payment in full – PP Tax Bills Due
Dec 10 1st half installment or payment in full – RE Tax Bills Due

Louisiana Tax Calendar

Jan 1 – RE Assessment Date
Jan 1 – PP Assessment Date
Feb 20 – Apr 5 – Varies local option – PP Tax Returns Due
Aug – Sept – RE Appeal Deadline
Aug – Sept – RE Value Notices Issued
Aug – Sept – RE Tax Bills Issued
Nov – PP Tax Bills Issued
Dec 31 – RE Tax Bills Due
Dec 31 – PP Tax Bills Due