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After spending three years with Property Tax Service Company as a property tax consultant, Paul Pennington along with three others partners formed Avtax, Inc. in 1982.   With offices in Dallas, Denver, Houston and Tulsa this firm grew by nine hundred percent in just six years.  In 1988 Paul Pennington created P.E. Pennington & Co., Inc. His mission was to create the very best property tax consulting firm.  To achieve this goal he gathered together an outstanding group talented professionals and who all work under the philosophy that they treat every appeal as though it was their own property.  Thus achieving maximum results for their clients.  Today P.E. Pennington & Co., Inc. currently manages appeals and compliance on assets valued at over seven billion dollars of all types of commercial real estate and personal property.

Paul Pennington is recognized as an expert and has been asked to write white papers on various issues relating to taxpayers and legislation.  He serves as an instructor for The Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals since 1994 and served as its president in 2014.  Currently, he is severing his eighth year on the Texas Department of Regulations and Licensing, Property Tax Advisory Board.

In the latest chapter, Mr. Pennington co-founded Citizens for Appraisal Reform (CFAR) which is a non-profit advocacy group made up of property tax professionals and taxpayers. The goal of CFAR is to improve the fairness, and impartiality of Texas Appraisal Review Boards and Binding Arbitration hearings. To achieve these goals, legislation has been drafted and filed for the 2017 and 2019 Texas Legislative Sessions resulting new pro-taxpayers laws.