Important Property Tax Deadlines are Approaching

Business personal property renditions are due on or before April 15th.  Late filing or no filing penalties are 10% of the annual taxes.  Extensions are available if addressed in writing.  Contact your local appraisal district or the Texas Comptroller’s office for further details.

April 30th is the deadline to apply for many types of total exemptions. Additionally it is also the deadline to file a Freeport inventory exemption application.

 May 31 is generally the deadline for filing written protests to the ARB (or by the 30th day after a notice of value is mailed to the property owner, whichever is later).

August 1   Last day to apply for September 1 alternate assessment date for inventory appraisal (Sec 23.12).  October 1-31, tax bills are usually mailed during this month.

January 31 is the last day to pay property taxes without penalty and interest.