FDCI Foresee Bank Troubles Ahead

Today the Dallas Morning News reported today that the FDIC is adding 140 workers to handle the anticipated increase in troubled banks.  Five Banks have failed since February 2007.  There are those who believe that number could climb to 150 over the next few years.What does this mean?  I believe that Sub-prime / recession issues are are causing defaults on real estate and business loans.  These defaults will create losses which will push some banks into insolvency.  When the FDIC takes over an institution they will attempt to sell off bad loans and / or assets that were used as collateral for the loans.When the FDIC sales loans / assets, some people will prosper by buying these assets at reduced prices.  However, others will suffer when the sale off of real estate assets effects that market value of performing properties.  I heard a speaker recently at a business luncheon who stated that in the DFW market had great opportunities for real estate professionals  seeking employment with real estate firms that specialize in purchasing distressed properties.Those of us who worked through the S&L Crisis of the 1980’s remember the signs before the storm.  Whereas, I do not believe that we are near that point presently I do believe that we have not seen the bottom of this current economic crisis.