I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the tax consulting firm P.E. Pennington & Company. We selected
them to handle our property tax negotiations based on their references and because a national firm previously used was not giving us the
personalized attention we desired. P.E. Pennington and Company began negotiating our property taxes …. and obtained substantial reductions
on many of our properties …. Paul worked closely with Pace to achieve sizable reductions in appraised value. One recently acquired
property located in Valley Ranch was appraised significantly above the purchase price …… As a result of Paul’s diligent work in
evaluating surrounding properties and his correspondence with the taxing authority, he was able to force the issue of reevaluating the
surrounding properties appraised value at the last possible moment. Since the taxing authority was not immediately able to reappraise these
surrounding properties, Paul successfully secured an agreed upon value for our property at one million below the purchase price. We
sincerely appreciate Paul’s hard work and dedication to customer service, and highly recommend his firm.