Comparison of the Five Largest Texas Appraisal Districts

I found the comparisons listed below very interesting.  There are several efficiency comparisons which can be made between the five appraisal districts.  I found Harris County to be the most surprising.Â

Just as corporations have boards of directors, so to do appraisal districts.   The major difference between a private sector board and an appraisal district is that politicians, assessors and /or ex-technocrats make up their boards.   There has been proposed legislation which would seat non-political taxpayer representatives on the board of directors of appraisal districts.Â

Appraisal District 2007 Budget Total Parcels Number of Employees Parcels per Employee Number of Appraisers Parcels per Employee
Dallas Central Appraisal District $20,960,025 856,520 255 3,359 93 9,210
Harris Central Appraisal District $46,777,911 1,505,827 561 2,684 241 6,248
Tarrant County Appraisal District $17,805,057 675,477 210 3,217 82 8,238
Bexar County Appraisal District $12,698,319 600,000 151 3,974 67 8,955
Travis Central Appraisal District $9,929,300 369,880 112 3,303 45 8,220