The Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals (TAPTP)

The Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals (TAPTP) was created in 1988 to educate and provide ethical training to professional property tax consulting for all areas of property tax management. The association was also created to protect the rights of the property taxpayers. TAPTP has established itself as to unite property tax professionals and has assisted in numerous legislative and licensing areas.

TAPTP is a recognized voice of property tax professionals statewide and foster a better understanding and co-op of members, taxpayers, and state agencies. The mission statement for TAPTP is to protect the rights of property taxpayers by advancing the professional practice of property tax consulting through education and high ethical standards.

The association promotes and supports the State of Texas property tax system with the intent of protecting and defending the rights of taxpayers. Also, the association supports changes to the property tax system to streamline and make a more responsive effort towards the taxpayers needs.

Contact Information:

Mailing Address
TAPTA Headquarters
P.O. BOX 763185
Dallas TX 75376
Phone numbers
866-780-0141 toll free
972-780-7741 fax

Board of Directors

Joel Galloway
Vice President
Karen Pace
Tony Camparin

Immediate Past President

Kenneth Graeber

Legal Counsel

Amy Reilly Sallusti


Gary Rucker (2008)


Rick Kurz (2008)


Ray Head (2009)


Stephen Dunson (2009)


Sam Birchfield (2010)


Stephen Boudreaux (2010)


Government Relations Committee
Foy Mitchell , Jim Popp
Membership Committee
Stephen Dunson
Ethics Committee
Kenneth Graeber

Conference Committee

Jason Marshall

Education Committee

Paul Pennington

Bylaws Committee

Ken Parsons

Communications Committee

Joel Galloway