Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) is responsible for conducting inspections, issuing licenses, assessing penalties, investigating complaints, setting rules and standards, and holding hearings. It is governed by a seven member commission whose members are appointed by the Governor of Texas. To avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, no commissioner may have a financial interest in any of the regulated programs.

TDLR is the state’s umbrella occupational regulatory agency that is currently responsible for the regulation of 22 occupations and industries. TDLR oversees different types of businesses, industries, trades and occupations. The regulated industries are very diverse in nature and can range from electricians to auctioneers.

The vision of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is to be the model state agency by setting the standard for customer service, innovation, cost effectiveness, staff efficiency and public trust.

The mission of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is to honor the public trust, ensure public safety and foster a fair and efficient regulatory environment.

TDLR provides the highest level of customer service while informing and educating consumers and licensees. The public trust is earned by regulating in a firm, fair and consistent manner while ensuring the efficient use of public resources. Our goal, as a state agency, is to grow leaders that embody a culture of change and innovation. TDLR recognizes the dignity and worth of its employees and the citizens of Texas.

TDLR’s Seven Member Commission:

Frank Denton, Chair
Conroe, TX
Term Expires 02/01/2013
LuAnn Roberts Morgan, Vice Chair
Midland, Texas
Term Expires 02/01/2009
Mike Arismendez
Shallowater, TX
Term Expires 02/01/2009
Lewis Benavides
Oak Point, Texas
Term Expires 02/01/2011
Fred N. Moses
Plano, Texas
Term Expires 02/01/2009
Lilian Norman-Keeney
Taylor Lake Village, TX
Term Expires 02/01/2011
Deborah Yurco
Austin, Texas
Term expires 02/01/2013

Property Tax Consultants Advisory Council

Judy Cullers, Presiding Officer
Irving, TX
(Registered Property Tax Consultant)
e-mail: jcullers@deloitte.com
Term Expires: 2/01/2008
Stephen R. Dunson
Aledo, TX
(Registered Property Tax Consultant)
e-mail: sundson@integratax.net
Term Expires: 2/01/2009
William P. Green
Dallas, TX
(Registered Property Tax Consultant)
e-mail: wpadvisors@sbcglobal.net
Term Expires: 2/01/2009
W. Ken Parsons
Grapevine, TX
(Registered Property Tax Consultant)
email: kenparsons@mfpoer.com
Term Expires: 2/01/2010
Paul Pennington
Carrollton, TX
(Registered Property Tax Consultant)
e-mail: ppennington@b03.11b.myftpupload.com
Term Expires: 2/01/2008
Steven G. Mills
Mansfield, TX
(Registered Property Tax Consultant)
e-mail: smills@brazostaxgroup.com
Term Expires: 2/01/2010