Texas school districts seek higher property tax rates

The Dallas Morning News reported today that more than 100 school districts will seek voter approval to raise their 2008 tax rates.  The school districts claim they need voter approval for rate increases over and above those provided by the legislature in the last session.  Districts claim they need tax increases to meet basic expenses and to give teachers pay increases.

Last year school districts did the same thing.  Maybe the legislature 2006-2007 school tax rate cuts and the creation of the Margin Tax to fill the gap did not work as planned.  Perhaps they failed to consider that inflation would become such a factor with increases in school operating expenses.   Additionally, they failed to recognize that population growth is creating an ever growing need for goods and services from Texas schools.

What can be done?  Government monopolies will never run efficiently.  To take pressure off school districts perhaps it is time to give vouchers in order to give the public a choice between sending their kids to public or private schools.  In most cases competition promotes efficiencies.