Paul Edward Pennington

President, Senior Property Tax Consultant, Texas Real Estate Broker

Paul Pennington

Mr. Pennington began his career as a Property Tax Consultant with Property Tax Service Company (1979-1981), a national consulting firm. As a partner he helped form Avtax, Inc. (1982-1988), a regional consulting firm with offices in Dallas, Denver, Houston and Tulsa. In late 1988 Mr. Pennington formed P.E. Pennington & Company, Inc., a national consulting firm with over 33 years of client representation.

His expertise is based on 42 years of experience and includes all types of real and personal property appeals and experience in property tax litigation support. He is a licensed Senior Property Tax Consultant, a Texas Real Estate Broker and a graduate of The University of Northern Colorado with BA in Political Science.

He is a Charter Member and past President of the Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals. Additionally, he served four two-year term on the Texas Department of Regulations and Licensing, Property Tax Advisory Board.  Currently he is a member of the Board of Directors for the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association.

Mr. Pennington co-founded Citizens for Appraisal Reform (CFAR) which is a non-profit advocacy group made up of property tax professionals and taxpayers. The goal of CFAR is to improve the fairness, and impartiality of Texas Appraisal Review Boards and Binding Arbitration hearings. To achieve these goals legislation has been drafted and filed for the 2017-2019 Texas Legislative Sessions.  Said legislation became law in 2019 and went into effect in 2020.  In 2021 Mr. Pennington worked on additional pro-taxpayer legislation which becomes law in September 2021.



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