Resource Partners

P.E. Pennington & Co., Inc. utilizes numerous market data resources and publications in preparing property tax appeals for our clients. We also have assembled a nationally recognized group of third party experts with extensive knowledge to assist us on complicated and/or complex property tax and legal issues. The following experts are used when their services are required:

Property Tax Attorneys

Brusniak Law
Property Tax Attorneys
Dallas, TX
Lang Law
Plano, TX
Heather H. Jobe
Bell Nunnally & Martin
Dallas, TX
Patel Gaines
San Antonio, TX
Pennington Hill
Southlake, TX
Van Kerrebrook & Associates P.C.
Houston, TX

Real Estate Appraisers

Bryan Humphries, MAI
Dallas, TX
MacKenzie S. Bottum, MAI, CRE
Addison, TX
Charles G. Dannis, MAI, SRA
Dallas, TX

Business Personal Property Appraisers

J. Michael Clarkson, ASA
Austin, TX
Patrick Stephens, ASA
Associated Value Systems Inc.
Dallas, TX

Strategic Property Tax Consultant Partners

The Albano Group
Bedford, NH
The Gibbs Firm
Cincinnati, OH
Don Barnhill & Associates LLC
Birmingham, AL
Downey & Associates
Englewood, CO
David Pawlowski, Esq
Charlotte, NC
The Property Company
Pittsburgh, PA
Property Tax Alliance Group
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Property Tax Services
Fayetteville, AR
Savage & Browning
Overland Park, KS
Strategic Real Estate Tax Solutions
Indianapolis, IN
Tax Advisors
Vancouver, WA